Accommodations for faculty and staff

The Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) administers accommodations for WSU faculty and staff. OEO and WSU provide reasonable accommodations to all faculty and staff with documented disabilities and applicants for employment who seek accommodation in the job application process due to a disability.

Reasonable accommodations 

A reasonable accommodation is any adjustment to a job, work environment, work policy or practice that would help a person with a disability and does not cause an undue hardship:

  • Apply for a job 
  • Perform their job duties 
  • Enjoy equal benefits and privileges of employment. 

Common accommodations

Some common accommodations include:

  • Assistive technology 
  • Flexible Work Arrangements 
  • Workspace/office adjustments and/or reassignment
  • Furniture accommodations
  • Policy enhancements
  • Job reassignment
  • American Sign Language Interpreter Services
  • Job Restructuring Materials in Alternate Formats (Large Print, Braille, etc.)

How to request an accommodation 

If you are a person with a disability that requires a reasonable accommodation, please submit your request here: Request for Reasonable Accommodation of Disability

Employees may update their disability and veteran status through the Account Management menu in Academica. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity at or call (313) 577-2280.