Training Sessions

Tenured/Tenured Track Search Committee Training

This training offers faculty members instruction on how to develop successful search committees in order to move forward with the Faculty Hiring process. It is designed to assist users in preparing and implementing unit plans in a more efficient and effective way to enhance the success of the search process. In this session, members of search committees explore ways to make the maximum use of limited recruitment budgets while using affirmative action and equal opportunity techniques. Participants will learn ways to enhance their position postings, interview process and documentation procedures.  The Office of Equal Opportunity also encourages faculty members who wish to attend training to visit the link 'A Guide for Successful Searches' as it addresses many questions and concerns.  This training is offered as customized training only. 

To Sign Up for Tenured/Tenured Track Search Committee Training or if you have any questions regarding training, please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity at 313 577-2280 or email at

Provost Memo - Search Committee Training

Search Committee Training Dates: 

Date Location
Thursday, October 1, 2020, 2pm via Zoom, Invitation Only 

Automated Tenured/Tenured Track Faculty Hiring Training

This training offers hands on instruction of the new OEO Faculty Selection Hiring Plan System. It was designed to replace the previous OEO Faculty Hiring Plan paper process with an automated electronic format in preparation for faculty hiring.  Each Department within the University is responsible for selecting Authorized Users to attend training and who will essentially become responsible for entering hiring plan information into the automated system once authorized to use the system.  Please complete and submit the 'Request for Authorized User Form' once your training date has been selected. 

Provost Memo - Faculty Automation Training

Request for Authorized User Form

Faculty Automation Training Dates: TBD